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For those of us who have had the opportunity to live in the big city of London – we are sure you will agree it is one of the most costly urban communities on the planet to live in, isn't that so?

While doing anything for free in this city frequently appears to be marginally unimaginable, the fact of the matter is that there's a plenitude of activities for those of us that are on a budget to appreciate the magnificent city without using up every last cent.

As such, for those of you who would like to appreciate everything the city brings to the table without dropping all the cash in our wallet, we've made a guide for London's most exquisite complimentary gifts to mankind.

Regardless of whether you've lived here for your entire life or just landed around the local area, our city guide will assist you with hunting down hidden gems, discover something new at London's tourist spots. Get a desire for the West End even when you can't get access to a show due to the inability to get the ticket, venture to the far corners of the planet through a hundred stunning foods, and find new parts of the city you've never heard about.

1.   Tour the Buckingham Palace

The Buckingham Castle is the home of the Queen of England, and it is open for a visit (aside from Queen Elizabeth's private quarters, obviously) in the summers and some days in the spring and winter season.

On the visit, you'll be able to see 19 State Rooms where the Queen and the rest of the royal family have visitors for every official, for instance, when the president of another country decides to pay a courtesy visit.


The palace is lavishly highlighted with lights, light fittings, artistic creations by Rembrandt and Rubens, and dazzling English and French furnishings, these rooms show the absolute most superb pieces from the Regal Collection. Alongside the grand interior, these rooms likewise can attest to the place great history if only it could speak.

On the off chance that you'd preferably not pay for the admission expenses to tour inside the palace which starts at 24 pounds for grown-ups and 14 pounds for kids, you can still feel Buckingham Palace presence from the outside by observing the famous Changing of Guards Mounting (changing of Guards) which happens at 11 a.m. every day, from April until late July, and on some days for the remainder of the year (with the exception of severe climate).

Make a point to arrive ahead of schedule as previous guests expressed that the territory becomes gets jam-packed fast with tourists, making it difficult to see anything in case you choose to show up right away before the service begins.

2.   Explore the Tower of London

Regardless of the history of the Tower of London's dreary notoriety as a spot for torment and demise, inside these fences, you will likewise find the historical story of a royal castle, ordnance, and a fantastic stronghold.

The Tower London

Try not to miss the royal beast and find out about the wild and wondrous creatures that have occupied the Tower in the past, which makes it the first London Zoo.

Learn about the extremely valuable Royal gems, join a notable Beefeater on the visit and enjoy their bloody stories, stand where the heads have rolled, and become familiar with the legend of the Pinnacle's ravens, storm the dungeons, get to hold the swords and armour.

3.   Travel around the British Museum

The nation's most prominent historic center and one of the most established and most beautiful on the planet, this well-known museum launched in 1759 and flaunts tremendous Etruscan, Egyptian, Roman, European, Greek, and Middle Eastern exhibitions, and so on. It's the city's most visited center, attracting up to 5.9 million individuals yearly.


When you find yourself here, try not to miss the Rosetta stone, the way to interpreting Egyptian hieroglyphics; the very famous Parthenon figures, uncovered by Ruler Elgin from Athens' Acropolis; and the enormous assortment of Egyptian mummies.

4.   Have a treat at Borough Market

One of London's biggest and most established food markets. It hurls with both indigenes and tourists staring at a confounding exhibition of cuisine delights and checking free examples.

This famous market in London has a story that goes far back as the thirteenth century, and nowadays it's more exciting than at any time in recent memory. Filled with traders of different kinds, for example, the Brindisa and Monmouth Coffee. It's likewise home to the absolute best cafés and pubs in the city. Sit down underneath the glass-and-iron roof at twilight and watch the traders pack up after a fun-filled day.Borough Market London


Try not to miss the Market Porter Pub. It's opened by 6 am for those working shifts at the graveyard, excellent in case you're in for an early (or late) one. This place was also featured in 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' as a bookstore near The Flawed Cauldron.

5.   The Coca-Cola London Eye

At 135 meters, this magnificence is the world's highest cantilevered wheel -- an accomplishment of design and architecture, it has of recent represented London's symbol as well as worldwide. The Coca-Cola London Eye experience presents a stunning 360-degree view of London and its well-known tourist spots and has been the primary tourist experience in the city for as far back as a decade.

CCLE at night

The gentle rotation in one of the 32 innovative glass cases takes around 30 minutes and provides you with a life-changing perspective of London. Inside each capsule, intelligent aides enable you to travel the capital's famous spots in a few dialects.

An encounter on the Coca-Cola London Eye will lift you sufficiently high to see as much as 40 kilometers on a sunny morning and keep you close enough to observe the breath-taking details of the city unfurling underneath you.

6.   See the Exhibitions at the Natural History Museum

Situated in Kensington, this historical center overflows with in excess of 70 million unique exhibits and specimens that you may likely not find anywhere else, from dinosaur to simulated earthquake. It is additionally a most loved among families, so you'll see it flooding with kids. To assist you with better exploration, consider downloading the free National History Museum Application on your smartphones. Alongside intelligent maps of the exhibition hall's interior, it additionally includes sound aides, just as background information on its immense collections.


This vast and incredible looking structure is filled with the unstoppable Victorian spirit of collecting, indexing and decoding the natural world. The Dinosaurs gallery most especially is an absolute-see for the kids, who gawp at the fossils, animatronic T-rex, and brilliant exhibitions.

Grown-ups also will adore the charming Treasure display in the Cadogan Gallery, which accommodates a large group of items, each recounting to its very own novel history, from a lump of moon rock to a dodo skeleton.

7.   Learn about the part Westminster Abbey Play in England’s History

Take in the dazzling design of this notorious London landmark and get some answers concerning the role it played in England's history. Examine the setting for solemn occasions, including regal weddings, crowning ceremonies, and memorial services. Dodge the lines by booking Westminster Abbey tickets ahead of time.


On the off chance that you like to see the monastery at your very own pace, yet at the same time need a little direction on the history you're experiencing, exploit the free sound aides on the web. Sound aides are accessible in eleven languages. Sound aides are free with personal entry tickets, and the visit takes around 60 minutes. The English-language audio tour is described by the on-screen character Jeremy Irons and sounds are additionally accessible in 11 dialects.

Then again, you can take an hour and a half Verger-led visit and see the Holy place (containing the tomb of St Edward the Confessor), the Regal Tombs, Poets' Corner, the Nave, and Cloisters. If you choose to take this visit, there is an additional 5 pound (around $7.30) on your original admission cost.

8.   Take a voyage through Sipsmith's gin refinery

Sipsmith was the first of the new influx of London gin refineries, turning into the main copper pot still in the city for about 200 years. Presently you can taste a G&T while listening to a concise history of gin and distilleries in the big city.


Visit the Sipsmith stills and receive a mentored tasting. For more tasting, join the Sipsmith Sipper Club each Tuesday – after the visit to the refinery, you can then proceed to Charlotte's Bistro for a sweet and sumptuous dinner make totally out of gin.

Also, try not to miss the mass of peculiar and brilliant gin experiments in the pub. This is the place Sipsmith's master distiller gets inventive, concocting bizarre flavor mixes that you will never find on the menu. In case you're fortunate enough, you may just get the opportunity to taste one of the gin.

9.   See a World-Class Show at the V&A

A beautiful temple of culture, the V&A is a world-class historical center holding the absolute best of brightening workmanship and structure.


It houses probably the best assortment of dramatic structure, designs, styles, and materials on the planet. Likewise, the perpetual exhibitions in the South Ken exhibition hall are entrancing, free to tour, and incorporates a scaled-down pet burial ground. However, prominent ticketed shows frequently sold out so try to book ahead of time if you are interested.

Also, try not to miss the world's first all-porcelain patio made by designer Amanda Levete with 11,000 carefully assembled tiles. The fascinating this about the tiles is that at the point when sunlight touches it, the sparkling pottery makes the city look like 1960s Rome.

10.                Explore the beautiful Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens

Amid Hyde Park's wandering foot and bicycle ways as well as thriving widely varied vegetation, you'll locate a couple of amazing attractions that merit study. See the swans and pontoons float over the quiet Serpentine Lake, or stop by the Speakers' Corner, a spot for open discourses and discussions since the nineteenth century.


On the off chance that you proceed on the remembrance walk, you are going to pass through the Kensington Nurseries where you'll locate the splendid Albert Memorial as well as the Italian gardens.

Guests expressed that the quiet climate of Kensington Garden is unmatched anyplace else in the city – and that they're lovely regardless of the atmosphere. In case you don't try to visit the zone without anyone else, you'll likely visit while on a guided visit.

Hyde Park likewise allows free entry to all guests and is open all year from 5 a.m. to 12 AM, Kensington gardens, on the other hand, open at 6 a.m. every day.

11.                A View From The Shard

Arrive at the top with a visit to The Shard. With height as tall as 1,000ft (300 meters), The Shard is about twice as high as some other structure in the city.


Voyage in probably the quickest lifts in London. Look at the views from the indoor viewing stages on levels 68, and 69 then proceed to taking-in some dynamic, unhampered, 360-degree scenes from level 72, which is luckily an open-air.

Try not to think twice about this spot, take our words for it and try to reserve your entry ticket early to avoid the lines and see London's original architectural designs from one of the city's most famous modern structures.

12.  Become Engrossed in the Serenity of the Kew Gardens' Temperature House

Gracious, only 3, 00 acres of land with lovely Greenland, loaded up with shocking vistas, exotic plants, a Chinese pagoda, Victorian glasshouses, and a treetop walkway.

The world-leading botanic garden, unlike anything else in the city, is charming on any day of the year. Make sure you visit for swathes of sprouts in summer and spring or join other tourists in the Christmas season for a creative Christmas at Kew lights trail, which assumes control of the garden each winter.


Likewise, the recently re-established Temperature House is a horticulturalists enchant. A highly-rated greenhouse, double the size of Kew's famous Palm House, it, as of late, opened its ways to the general population following a significant five-year redesign. So book your next meeting from London. 

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