Venues That Inspire Creativity in London

One of the absolute initial moves towards an inventive and beneficial meeting is a motivating, refreshing, and creative conference room – unusual structure, amazing highlights, stunning views are some of those things that event organizers and participants alike will need able to think in diverse, creative ways.

There's always a spot for event planners with conventional designs, especially when it has to do with corporate meetings and seminars. Be that as it may, event planners lately try to think outside the box – which means that they believe that unlike the traditional event planning, events shouldn't be restricted to four walls any longer.

Actually, if that be the case, your participants may be frustrated at your lack of ‘uncreativity’ on the off chance that you don't consider new ideas with regards to picking the perfect venue.

There are various venues in which your participants can relate creatively and also partake in artistic progress as well as nurturing the renowned networking spirit. There is no ideal method to network than to encircle yourself with creative in venues that can impact a noteworthy boost in profitability, a significant site where one can sustain success.

More so, creative venues come in every single diverse shape and size, although they are built to promote innovative reasoning. Anyplace that isn't your typical office can be known as a creative place as long as it helps you to sustain success.

Some creative spaces are developed for brainstorming projects, while others are open plan – which means that they can be utilized for an undivided host of various occasions and activities.

To have a thriving creative meeting, everything should be appropriately considered before any official conclusions are made.

  • Remember the number of attendees that you will be welcoming.
  • Closeness is significant because the exact opposite thing you want to do is force your attendees to make long and stressful voyages just to go to the venue.
  • Focus on your visitor accommodation; if the program is going to run all through the night, make sure your venue has housing close by or on location.
  • Try to give food or ensure there's a bistro or eatery nearby so your participants can fuel their stomachs.
  • It is imperative that you also pick a venue for your gathering, which has all the necessary tools and technology for the event. You really don't want to be running helter-skelter trying to get equipment at the deadline.

Besides the advantages of making the event a memorable one for participants and accomplishing a decent result for your brand and customers alike, there are two or three extraordinary reasons why it's advantageous for you to pick a one of a kind setting.

What you should have in mind as an event planner is that working with a one of a kind venue can be a ton of fun.

Although, initially, it may appear as though you are taking a risk to have hosted the event in a more innovative space than your attendees are familiar with, either a seminar, tradeshow, or even conference. Be that as it may, there are a ton of advantages to it.

Let take a gander at the rising numbers of cooperating spaces in London, for example. These are primarily imaginative spaces since they are intended to get your mind to top productivity.

The following are the benefits of hosting your next event at a creative space.


  • It promotes Ingenuity

Creative spaces help to boost creativity, and that's why most people would instead choose these scenes over every other. People believe that by booking a unique venue, you are not only experiencing something outside of the norm but getting an absolutely new encounter that you couldn't find anyplace else. There's a wide range of creative spaces available for booking for your next event, we are sure that you will discover one custom-made to the sort of images you require for your occasion.


  • It promotes networking

The best to encourage communication in any organization is through networking. We have heard of many cases of organizations where team members in an organization find out they really don't know anything about each other or they never collaborated before.

Now imagine you intend to promote these kinds of communication and collaboration; getting them into a space that supports this will assist them with getting into the most ideal attitude.

Another thing to note is that if you are considering this, you may need to do this outside of your typical office settings. You should also consider getting an event facilitator who will oversee these kinds of seminars or conferences, and we are sure she/he will appreciate the space you choose.


  • It promotes core interest by your team members

A new venue usually promotes new interest. You will agree that it’s possible to wear out when you do the same thing over and over again at the same spot. Having said that, if there is a project your team member wants to work on, facilitating it in an increasingly imaginative venue will guarantee it maintains extreme concentration by your team better than having the same project in the office.

The following are some spaces that are entirely perfect for uniting individuals and getting the imaginative energies they need to be creative and productive.


  1. The Hellenic Center

    The Hellenic Center - creative venue in London

A unique scene is at the heart of London and located in one of the most enchanting regions of London, close to the elegant Marylebone High Road. Built inside a remarkable red brick wall and Portland stone veneer are an assortment of conference rooms and spaces reasonable for a broad scope of expert and private meetings, from product launch to fashion shows and weddings through littler presentations and meetings. Book your creative venue from The Hellenic Center in London


  1. Carousel Seven Dials

    Carousel seven dials in London

The most recent expansion to the Carousel family is the Seven Dials, a bustling shopping area in the core of Covent Garden. The street was said to be pulling in more than 32 million guests per year, making Carousel Seven Dials the perfect venue for brand activations, product launch as well as pop-up shops where you depend on a considerable number of guests. Separated over two stories, this one of a kind structure joins uncovered bricks with whitewash walls, beautiful highlights and huge showcase windows, which gives unlimited chances to companies branding.


  1. The Drumsheds


Located in the beautiful city borough of Tottenham, this earth-shattering event space is perfect for enormous scale summits, brand and corporate celebrations, and festivities. With an absolute indoor limit of 7000 individuals.

This structure does not only have four large interlinking spaces with friendly architectures and high roofs, yet it also features an additional ample open-air area holding up to 15,000 people. With simple access to the main town in a short time, it really doesn't make a difference where you or your attendees are coming from.


  1. Skylight at Tobacco Dock

    Creative venue space in London - Skylight at Tobacco Dock

If you don't already know, the tobacco Dock's housetop bar and play area are back. During summer, the lawn hosts croquet and petanque, however, during winter, it's the main housetop ice rink in the whole of Europe. Delivering the acclaimed flavorful drinks with a full wine and beer menu, games, and food.

This venue is the ideal scene for a group night out or summer or winter party if possible, where your attendees can appreciate the 360-degree views on England's capital horizons. Throughout the winter months, though, it is designed into a chilly wonderland with comfortable igloos and mountain cottages, with the warmed and cozy bar presenting a variety of warming cocktails, lagers, and juices, with steaming cups of mulled wine. Book this creative venue in London from here.


  1. Magazine London






The Magazine London is a 'fresh out of the concrete' event space in London. Flaunting an outstanding bright canvas, which means that the chances to change this event center with a beautiful brand and endless creation with the 24,179 sq. of space to transform. Housing up to 3,000 guests, this one of a kind setting is perfect for trade shows, corporate events, and so on.

More so, The Pylon, which is home to the famous figure by Alex Chinneck, offers a vast outdoor space for your occasion, which is lightened around evening time by the otherworldly sculpture itself.

While the Mezzanine's 1 and 2 are ideal for VIP areas, with Mezzanine 2 highlighting recolored timber decking, dark steel railings, and a flawless viewing stage.


  1. Dock X London


Dock X London is a multi-purpose event center giving unlimited opportunities to production and company's branding. Beautiful scene and innovative, these venues highlight high roofs delivering a space that enables creativity to rule whether it's a vast, small or an enlivened backdrop. The center is ideal for brand activations, product launches, meetings, and award shows in its large 34,100 sq. Ft. Space. With an absolute indoor limit of 1500 individuals.


  1. Exhibition London, Wood lane


What was previously a house for the London Railroads in 1899 is presently a 3,185 sq., versatile music and event center. Built across two stories, this event center contains dynamic and multi-purpose spaces, one of which gives 775 sq. of floor space and a beautiful stage.

The tiled inside dividers and red block character of this new building permit the notorious TFL style to remain alive, creating the perfect scenery for creative meetings and the showcasing the dynamic urban quality of the capital city. With an absolute indoor limit of 1400 individuals.


  1. Darlings Green


Darling Green, located in South West London, is a furniture warehouse during the day and anything you need it to be by night. Designed with natural light and designed with the most recent trends currently accessible to humans in mind, the main event space is an impressive rectangular expanse with high roofs and modern accents.

Usually, only one side of the building is accessible to event planners, as it can house a considerable number of individuals. But the second part of the center can also be used upon discourse with the owners.

There is really no entrance to the mezzanine space as it is a working office. With an absolute indoor limit of 200 individuals.


  1. Spirit Land

    Creative Spirit Venues London

Spirit Land hall is a 180-seat bar and café – a breakfast to dinner festivity of cuisines, cocktails, and music at the Royal Festival Hall ground floor. With an open kitchen and imposing flame broil, the chef serves a delightful menu of cuisines supplemented by 110 wine list and regularly changing drink menu.

Bespoke velvet blinds, marble bar, and adjusted stalls upholstered in calfskin all improve the international cuisines offered, coupled with sweet drinks and music crosswise all kinds of the genre on the amazing Spirit Land sound system. Book this creative venue from London here.


  1. MC Motors


Brimming with character, this creative center in East London is not a popular name amongst even organizers. The scene is an Aladdin's cavern of superbly raw highlights and walls, with an assortment of excellent props showed all through.

Like we stated, MC Engines is about the quirky subtleties... Presently utilized for filming, photography and corporate meetings, this imaginative space set over numerous floors, is a flat out must-use for inventive brands who are searching for a creative setting that gets the powerful energies flowing.




93 Mortimer Road is a large and lovely event space located in the Western part of London. The scene has a striking mix of significant period and present-day design highlights with features such as heights and staggering round lavish/elaborate bay windows. The setting is perfect for dry hire and specifically for product launch and press shows, Business Conferences, Workshops, and Private Occasions.




Vout-O-Renee’s is a novel hand-painted and beautiful setting in London, an outside space for most people. Vout-O-Renee’s is not so well known to most people as it is used for private parties or product launch, whether little or enormous.

It has a full bar, stage, two record decks, projector, amplifier, piano, as well as two music systems for all of your occasions. Vout-O-Renee’s endowed with everything you need to make sure your event runs smoothly and creativity.


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