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12 Impactful Workshop Ideas

By MeetingPackage March 9, 2020

A workshop is basically a meeting where people discuss or demonstrate how to do a job or perform an..

How to Tell If Your Event Was A Success or Not

By MeetingPackage March 5, 2020

The fact that you have successfully hosted your big event doesn't mean you should sit back and..

How to Give Your Meetings An Extra Boost — Follow These 3 tips

By MeetingPackage February 27, 2020

Planning a successful meeting is stressful enough without having to worry about how you’re going to..

7 Productivity Hacks To Become A Better Meeting Planner

By Thang Tran November 10, 2017

Create a healthy routine to balance your working life and your personal life by taking care of your..

10 Questions Every Manager Should Ask In One-On-One Meetings

By Thang Tran April 6, 2017

An one-on-one meeting is a great occasion to have intimate discussions with your employees. Here..

One-on-One Meeting: The Art of Making Meaningful Meetings

By Thang Tran March 16, 2017

In a fast pace business environment, we have just so many tools to connect people across borders,..

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