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14 Questions Every Event Host Should Ask

By MeetingPackage February 25, 2020

It does not matter if this is the first or the hundredth event you are hosting if you wish to do..

What is required to host an excellent event?

By MeetingPackage February 10, 2020

Hosting practically anything takes effort and knowledge. Regardless if it is a simple slumber party..

Sustainability in Meetings & Events

By MeetingPackage January 15, 2020

The worldwide events industry is one of the leading monetary influencers on the planet accruing..

Perfect Beachside Venues for Events

By MeetingPackage January 14, 2020

In our last post, we discussed hosting creative and one of a kind events that your participants..

Venues That Inspire Creativity in London

By MeetingPackage January 13, 2020

One of the absolute initial moves towards an inventive and beneficial meeting is a motivating,..

The ABCs of Hosting A Meeting

By MeetingPackage January 10, 2020

How many of you here have attended a meeting that was scheduled for 30 minutes but ended up 2 hours..

Six Types of Events — Which Group are you in?

By MeetingPackage December 18, 2019

We understand there's an event for everybody, and that’s what makes life so energizing for event..

7 Event Hosting Mistakes To Avoid

By MeetingPackage December 12, 2019

We know that hosting an event can be exciting. There are so many ideas out there to make an event..

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