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Quick Guide: Plan Your Next Event and Make it a Success

By MeetingPackage March 18, 2022

Well, here it is: the day when you’re finally in charge to plan your first ever event, or perhaps..

Clever Giveaway Ideas For Guests At Your Event

By MeetingPackage March 1, 2021

Goody bags or giveaways are normal during business events like product launches, trainings and..

Catering Events in 2020 Around the World

By MeetingPackage November 5, 2020

The events industry puts on some of the most fantastic conferences and trade shows — fitting, as..

Event Planning Resources To Help You Become A Better Event Organizer

By MeetingPackage August 4, 2020

Are you in charge of event organizing for your company? Perhaps you’re a professional meeting..

How to Tell If Your Event Was A Success or Not

By MeetingPackage March 5, 2020

The fact that you have successfully hosted your big event doesn't mean you should sit back and..

You Can Laugh At Event Planning Worries — If You Follow This Simple Plan

By MeetingPackage February 28, 2020

Organizing a corporate event can be a massive undertaking. Even professional event organizers know..

Great Venues in Europe for Holding Your Product Launch Event

By MeetingPackage February 24, 2020

Do you want to hold a product launch event that will absolutely mesmerize your target audience?..

Are You Ever Tongue-tied At An Event?

By MeetingPackage January 30, 2020

Let us take you on a voyage – imagine you're on an extended get-away on a flawlessly colorful..

What Are Some Popular Conference Destination In Europe Right Now?

By MeetingPackage January 29, 2020

We have chosen for you the best European destination for your next conference. These places are..

13 Reasons to Host Breakfast Events

By MeetingPackage December 19, 2019

There's a famous saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and in like manner the..

20 Perfect Venues in the UK for Next Spring

By MeetingPackage December 11, 2019

Planning a networking event or conference probably won't be the most appealing activity, yet it is..

Top 10 Ways to Network

By MeetingPackage December 9, 2019

Networking is an enhancement program, it simply isn't about individual connections. It's tied in..

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