Tino Gatto joins MeetingPackage as the VP of Sales Spain and Portugal

Past employment: IHG (Head of Sales Central & Southern Europe)

Tino will join the team as the VP Sales for Spain and Portugal.  Tino will play an important role in helping hotels and hotel chains in Spain and Portugal to increase their M&E revenue through bringing the whole process into a truly online environment.

With over 20 years of experience working for the hotel chain, IHG, as the Head of sales overseeing Central and Southern Europe, Tino will bring a lot of added value and know-how to the MeetingPackage team. Tino will work closely with the management and development teams at MeetingPackage to help evolve the solution even further while helping to identify and bridge any cultural barriers or working practices within Spain and Portugal. 

Fun fact: Tino is an ex-colleague and good friends with Eugenio Galli who has been successfully running the Italian operations for MeetingPackage for more than a year. Now it's time for them to join forces and work closely together in driving success in Southern Europe. 

We wanted to ask Tino some questions about his feelings of the Hospitality industry as well as his feelings after a few weeks as part of MeetingPackage. 

You have been working long for IHG and the hotel side, what got you interested in jumping to the technology side?

Helping hotels find solutions to one of their main challenges: improving conversion and reducing time spent processing meeting RFPs.  I believe this can only be achieved by embracing technology and developing seamless online solutions.

Of the many solutions out there, what got you excited about MeetingPackage in particular?

Definitely the fact that their focus is on developing solutions to help hotels and venues increase revenue and reduce costs in M&E sales.

Having spent a few weeks now as part of the team at MeetingPackage, what are your first impressions of the company?

Positively surprised with the level of engagement across all levels in the organisation, dynamic and forward looking.

What are you most excited about in your future role?

Playing a part in the development and implementation of ground breaking technological solutions to make booking of meeting rooms as easy as booking bedrooms

In your opinion what are the biggest challenges for hotels today when selling groups and Meetings & Events?

Dealing with large volumes of RFPs through increasing multiple channels; low conversion as a consequence; high cost of sales

What would you like to say for hotels that are still considering if they should sell their meeting & events online?

You are missing a great opportunity to save time, improve profitability and increase client loyalty.

Do you think that in 5 years we will laugh about today's typical working practices (RFP spam & manual hours spent creating offers)?

I would not be so bold as to say laugh, but I am convinced that solutions such as the MeetingPackage Booking Engine will make a huge impact in solving one of the biggest challenges the meeting industry is facing today.

Will booking M&E online become a standard or is it only for 'tech-savvy' hotels?

I have no doubt that it is only a question of time before online booking of M&E become a standard. Same as booking hotel rooms, transportation, etc.

Feel free to reach out Tino if you are interested about knowing more about the solutions we offer. 


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