Perfect and Serene Venues in Italy for a Weekend Conference Event

Italy is a solid choice for anyone searching for the ideal scene – gorgeous, serene, and with excellent climate (quite often) ensured, incredible wines and nourishment, an astounding Mediterranean air, and moderate boarding pass for your attendees.

I couldn't imagine anything better than to take you on a voyage. How about we find the concealed diamonds of Italy together and furthermore view the best scene for that end of the grapevines meeting. From the posher to the most particular, through the most mystery to the most well-known one.

These settings are deliberately situated over slopes in the open country or out of the main urban areas, for the most part, designed and built during the medieval times. Some were sustained living arrangements of masters or honorable families, others were guarded structures to control the territories surrounding them.

On account of their position these days, these astounding scenes offer a magnificent setting for a selective and end of the week conference encompassed by history, greatness and comfort, and some more, you name it.

The Grand Hotel Majestic – Lake Maggiore, Italy

The Grand Hotel Majestic – Lake Maggiore, Italy

This magnificence was built in the year 1870 on the exquisite shores of the Maggiore Lake. It is a clear case of Belle Epoque design. It has often held significant conference events, art exhibitions, and private ceremonies, and so on.

The hotel is close to the path of the lake in the town of Pallanza. Encompassed by a perfect calm nursery, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the mountains and also the Borromeo Islands.

It has three lounge areas for your conference event in case you need a separate scene for dinner. Old cantinas with lake views, and it has the capacity to accommodate 240 visitors.

With a vast courtyard and interesting old beautification, it can contain up to 140 invitees for a cocktail gathering or a smorgasbord served meal. It also has various halls like Sala Intra, Wala Toscanini, and Sala Rossini. The Sala Rossini with 120 seats, on the other hand, with large windows views of the Lake Maggiore.

The venue likewise features a private garden that your guest will find fascinating if they are big on nature and even a little private seashore. The hotel has 100 rooms in case you need to lodge your guest, as well as 32 junior suites and 6 senior suites, a considerable lot of which have a balcony or a porch, giving a remarkable experience to all visitors.

Also, if they need to relax after the conference stress – there’s a spa, swimming pool, and a gym center facing the lake. Book this conference venue in Italy here

Villa Cariola - Caprino Veronese, Verona

Villa Cariola - Caprino Veronese, Verona

Villa Cariola is a beguiling and memorable villa situated in Caprino Veronese, in the region of Verona, in the midst of the slopes of Lake Garda. The manor has 36 rooms, each with a fantastic and exquisite stylistic layout and with scenes on the heavenly park that has a pool.

It also has a fashionable café that is furnished with different rooms and courtyards, which can accommodate events of about 10 guests to 400 individuals. The staff is always accessible to help the guests at any minute during the program, customizing everything according to the event planner's taste and preferences to precise necessities and details.

Likewise, at the Villa, it is conceivable to have a standard or significant function in the sublime "Sala Delle Note" or in the vast "Parco Della Pieve." It is ideal for doing every event in only one spot: from the main event to the evening time festivities. There is a vast free vehicle space that is accessible to all of your guests.

This venue is definitely an enchanting spot that is appropriate for your conference and will shock every one of your guests.

Villa Monsoglio, Tuscany

Villa Monsoglio Tuscany

Situated in one of the most exciting and beautiful places in Italy, the dynamic scene of Tuscany, and the creative Villa Monsoglio give one of the ideals of outdoor event settings in Italy. What provides this location with one of a kind advantage is the variety of fresco canvases, conveniently cut nurseries, and a spacious meeting room.

While the history of this manor is as yet obscure, its present proprietors have had this beautiful domain in their ownership for about 130 years, in which they have changed it from an abandoned house to an asylum, and afterward at long last a standout amongst other extravagance Italian settings.

Villa Zagara – Sorrento

Villa Zagara – Sorrento

Located in the central city of Sorrento, a short distance of the shore. A fresh out of the box event setting situated in the very heart of Italy's Sorrento, it would make a superbly lavish and relaxing area for your guests.

Separated from the commotion of your regular daily existence, the group at Villa Zagara welcomes you to make their dazzling setting your home for all of your events. Flaunting perfect gardens, a tranquil pool, and an impressive interior, you couldn't request a progressively luxurious space to spend the day.

Flaunting views over the bay, this villa has a delightful scope of backgrounds perfect for all events. Settled between the pleasant trees and the broad sea, your guest will have the ideal location for a picture after the event.

For your weekend conference event, you and your attendees will have the option to appreciate a really delectable dishes of great Italian cooking you would think you are in dreamland because the whole scene would be so otherworldly!

Relais Castello Della Castelluccia – Lazio, Italy

Relais Castello Della Castelluccia – Lazio, Italy

This venue is a remarkable 4-star hotel hidden in a beautiful medieval manor and located just on the edges of the ever bubbling municipal city of Rome. Its position in the town while being short of one hour's drive from the air terminal makes the hotel a perfect weekend conference scene in Italy for your guests.

The mansion was designed in the ancient Roman period, between the twelfth and thirteenth century. At present, it flaunts 23 exclusively embellished rooms, including antique stylistic themed decorations with present-day solaces. The inn's Medieval-motivated eatery serves customary Italian cuisines, and you will likewise locate an occasional outside pool bar open in the summer.

For the gathering space, pick between the outdoor terraces or use the lovely La Locanda Restaurant, which accommodates up 100 visitors or even Salone Della Feste, which hosts up to 150 visitors with its wood roofs for indoor feasting choice.

With exceptionally huge gatherings of up to 300 individuals, can utilize the large banquet hall, Salone Ninfeo, located behind the castle. Book this conference venue in Lazio for your next weekend event.

The Vineyard – Modena Bologna


The Vineyard is constructed a few years back on the spot of an antiquated farmhouse. The location offers all-encompassing views and an unmatched degree of extravagance – you won't overlook any event at The Vineyard in a rush.

Hidden amidst excellent Lambrusco grapevines and exquisite Bologna, the scene offers you a complete get-away from the rest of the world. Solely yours for the whole of your stay at The Vineyard, it also provides a comprehensive event package that goes past the domains of what you think possible.

With lodgings for both you and your attendees, as well as transportation from the Bologna air terminal, amusement, beverages, and nourishment, you will have everything taken care of, and then some while at The Vineyard.

Dogana Veneta – Verona

Dogana Veneta conference venue in Verona

This beautiful scene was constructed in the fourteenth century that is situated in the renowned Lazise square in Verona. Be that as it may, even with its vast history in the past, it has gotten extraordinary compared to other known places in Italy to hosts exclusive events.

The villa comprises an excellent porch by the lake with a stunning view. It has 2 enormous rooms with a limit to in excess of 250 individuals and a tremendous interior catering service.

It has various spaces that can be committed to your specific needs. You say music, they got it. You mean the best Italian cuisine they got. Everything down to the details and much more.

Likewise, the ancient town of Lazise throughout this winter, and particularly at Christmas, is a genuinely and spectacular setting.

The employee also at Dogana Veneta is accessible to help you all through the event and also provide you with a broad scope of vendors: flowers, decoration, music, or a videographer and photographer when you need one. Your satisfaction is their priority. Book your conference venue Dogana Veneta from here. 


Ca’Sagredo Hotel – Venice

Ca’Sagredo Hotel – Venice conference venue

On the off chance that you are planning a great weekend conference event, the Ca'Sagredo is the ideal scene for that. From its mind-boggling area on the famous Grand Canal to the beautiful inside of the re-established royal residence, it truly has everything. With its fabulous staircase, high roofs and elaborate enhancements, you'll feel like you have ventured back in time.

There is a scope of occasion space accessible for any event, such as the music dance hall, the housetop patio, or the Portego Hall with delightful views over the city. Ca' Sagredo will make your event memorable, organizing everything from the flower to the decorations, music, the food, and so on. They have it according to how you want it.

More so, there is a lot of rooms to your guest in case you decide to lodge them. There is a broad scope of suites, the ideal spot to unwind and get ready for the event day. Book this amazing conference venue in Venice Italy.

Therasia Resort - Sicily

Therasia Resort Sicily

Like we have always said, Italy is the perfect spot for you to have your weekend conference gathering with all its astounding views, extraordinary scenes and once more all the more stunning nourishment. Our next location is in Sicily, and in case you are searching for to a greater extent a unique experience, look no further – the scene is the unfathomable Therasia Resort.

It is situated on its own exclusive island, encompassed by volcanoes and shining green and blue-hued ocean, this spot is a concealed heaven.

For what reason is the ideal spot to have a wedding? - Your attendees will adore its stunning grand view and stare into the distance and at those moving slopes and simply murmur in joy.

Picture the sun ascending from over the Mediterranean and hampering down behind a scene of mountains, extraordinary skies overflowing with beautiful mists.

And that's not all, you likewise get the chance to ruin yourself with the tallness of this modern building style?

What more do you want?

Hotel Lloyd's Baia – Campania, Italy


Next on the line is the staggering Lloyd's Baia Hotel located in Vietri Sul Female horse, which is one of the not many event settings on the Amalfi Coast. 

Lloyd's Baia can accommodate small conference events with 30 to 40 attendees. However, if you have a larger audience, no stresses too, because the hotel has fully open spaces for occasions, everything being equal.

Your full cluster of choices for events and gathering includes indoor and open-air areas, in exquisite and all-encompassing interior rooms or on the seashore. They can organize one for you. However, you decide.

It also includes a lovely terrace, a private seashore you can get to with a lift, three cafés, and exquisite and present-day rooms.

Now imagine there’s ever a terrible climate because during the winter period, it can sometimes be like that. If this occurs, the interior rooms go in the limit from 40 to 150 seats - so you will effortlessly locate the ideal eating space for your gathering size.

Pick between Sala Amalfi with an oceanside view for about 150 people, Sala Maschere with an inlet view for up to 45 people, Positano with an oceanside view for about 80 people or Ristorante Re Maurì for approximately 40 visitors.

Even more, any gatherings that wish to have an evening music at the serene environment must lease the café exclusively.



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