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Perfect Lunch for Meetings

By MeetingPackage January 20, 2020

Great cuisines are the way into any person's heart. We also believe that cheerful events’..

Dry Hire Meeting Rooms - Tips to Host Meetings on a Shoestring Budget

By MeetingPackage January 17, 2020

When reserving a setting for your special event, the term 'Dry Hire' implies that the customer..

Perfect and Serene Venues in Italy for a Weekend Conference Event

By MeetingPackage January 16, 2020

Italy is a solid choice for anyone searching for the ideal scene – gorgeous, serene, and with..

Sustainability in Meetings & Events

By MeetingPackage January 15, 2020

The worldwide events industry is one of the leading monetary influencers on the planet accruing..

Perfect Beachside Venues for Events

By MeetingPackage January 14, 2020

In our last post, we discussed hosting creative and one of a kind events that your participants..

Venues That Inspire Creativity in London

By MeetingPackage January 13, 2020

One of the absolute initial moves towards an inventive and beneficial meeting is a motivating,..

The ABCs of Hosting A Meeting

By MeetingPackage January 10, 2020

How many of you here have attended a meeting that was scheduled for 30 minutes but ended up 2..

10 Loveliest Meeting Rooms in Europe

By MeetingPackage January 8, 2020

These days, more and more seem to go into planning a meeting that’s not just your average weekly..

7 Quirky Meeting Venues

By MeetingPackage January 7, 2020

Meetings are important because they are an essential platform for sharing information. Many..

Perfect recreation activities after your meeting

By MeetingPackage January 6, 2020

Anyone who has ever attended more than one meeting in their lives surely knows there is nothing..

10 Large Conference Venues in London

By MeetingPackage January 3, 2020

In case you're organizing a huge conference, London is incredible for global connections,..

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