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Great Venues in Europe for Holding Your Product Launch Event

By MeetingPackage February 24, 2020

Do you want to hold a product launch event that will absolutely mesmerize your target audience?..

10 Great Event Spaces in New York

By MeetingPackage February 21, 2020

New York City is the town that never rests. In a place where adequate space can be difficult to..

How to Run a Successful Business Meeting

By Salimon Samuel February 20, 2020

Inadequately organized meetings have been known as the dark gaps of the workday and can..

Ideal Places for Afternoon Meetings on Fridays

By MeetingPackage February 19, 2020

Going for business and traveling away from your office doesn't imply that you can't achieve an..

Top 10 Travel Fairs & Exhibitions Globally

By MeetingPackage February 18, 2020

To further enhance the sales and visibility for your company in the events and travel business,..

Right and Wrong Meeting Methods — And Little Pointers that will Increase Your Efficiency

By MeetingPackage February 17, 2020

As we all know by now, many people think that meetings are useless. There are attendees who..

Tips for Executing a Successful Product Launch

By MeetingPackage February 14, 2020

As you may guess, launching a new product or service isn’t exactly a cakewalk. It’s one that has..

Hosting A Big Company Event On A Modest Budget

By MeetingPackage February 13, 2020


We know what you’re thinking. It’s impossible, right?

Planning On Hosting A Christmas Party In Amsterdam?

By MeetingPackage February 12, 2020

Is it safe to say that you are hoping to organize a Christmas celebration in Amsterdam this year..

How to find the perfect event space?

By MeetingPackage February 11, 2020


Hosting an event is above all a complex process that involves taking care of every minute..

What is required to host an excellent event?

By MeetingPackage February 10, 2020

Hosting practically anything takes effort and knowledge. Regardless if it is a simple slumber..

Here’s A Quick Way to Plan Your Next Event

By MeetingPackage February 7, 2020

Event showcasing and advertising is an essential phase in selling out your show — and it's not..

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