PRESS RELEASE: Integration with Airplus and Venue Directory

MeetingPackage has been working hard to deliver flexible meeting payment services for both Travel Management Companies and their clients.  AirPlus integration helps Travel Management Companies and meetings organisers centralise and manage payments more easily for their clients.

Integration with Venue Directory means that hotels and venues across the UK and Europe benefit from distribution on the UK's leading platform for meetings organisers and enhances value for users of the Venue Directory's platforms by allowing users to consult availability of spaces, pricing and ancillary services all in one easy to use interface.

MeetingPackage's new features are of particular interest to the sales and revenue management departments within a hotel group as they will be able to drive more M&E business through their direct channels.  AirPlus integration will simplify billing for hotel users of MeetingPackage and corporate clients, making hotels' M&E products more attractive to those clients in the process.  MeetingPackage's integration with Venue Directory means that for the first time venues will be able to distribute details of their availability, pricing, F&B and services to the UK's largest source of M&E enquiries thereby streamlining a labour intensive and old fashioned RFP process into a modern online booking and enquiry tool.  For many venues, direct integration with popular industry PMS platforms such as Oracle Opera or Mews Commander means less need to interact with third-party tools.

MeetingPackage's integration with Venue Directory is unique in that it is the only service that facilitates the delivery of pricing and availability directly from a venue's PMS or sales and catering system to a front-end interface used by Meetings bookers, corporate clients and travel management companies worldwide.  We are the only M&E booking service to integrate with AirPlus.

MeetingPackage's services help boost M&E enquiry conversion from an average of approximately 10% in many venues to a rate of 70% or more in venues that activate our "live availability" and "instant booking" features.  Venue Directory have selected MeetingPackage as their exclusive supplier of connectivity to leading hotel systems in order to help the industry boost the conversion of M&E enquiries and improve the efficiency for clients and venues of booking meetings.

With revenue of EUR 14bn and 49,000 corporate customers worldwide, MeetingPackage's integration with AirPlus presents a fantastic opportunity for hotels to tap the lucrative corporate M&E segment with a more efficient payment process that delivers improved transparency and data to clients.

For more information contact:
Brian Garvan | Strategic Partnerships |


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