Perfect Hotels in Britain For Your Halloween Party

Are you ready for an awesome Halloween party in one of these iconic hotels?

Halloween is right around the corner. And though this year the 31st of October is on a Tuesday, there is nothing to stop you from planning a costume party during the long weekend. In the spirit of All Hallow's Eve, here is a list of 5 unique venues in which will give a special meaning to Halloween. These venues share the rich heritage, impressive architecture, and especially some mystical stories which make your hair raise. It's even more fitting then to host your next "Gatsby-esque" party in one of these venues.

Rubens at The Palace


Rubens at The Palace


Located on the Buckingham Road and overviewing The Royal Mews, The Rubens at The Palace oozes class and characteristics. Every stone, every corner in the hotel has its own story. Above the entrance, a gallant bronze eagle thrusting from the wall. It commemorates the former Polish Prime Minister Sikorski - who resided in the hotel during the Second World War. The long history of the hotel has a close connection with the monarch, where its story began in the 1700s as one of four houses built by Samuel Adams to provide lodgings for middle-ranking Buckingham Palace staff. Inside, guests will be amazed by countless of cabinets, artworks, plaques, and other curiosities on the walls and in every corner. The most outstanding innovation at The Rubens at The Palace is the striking 350-square metres Living Wall - which consists of a total of 10000 herbaceous plants and homes for many wildlife species; including birds, butterflies, and bees.


LivingWall_Rubens at the Palace


The Rubens at The Palace is the perfect host for your Gatsby-themed costume party right in the heart of London. The largest room in the house - The Van Dyke Suite is the combination of three flexible meeting rooms to create a total of 108 square meters of the total event space and accommodates up to 330 guests. For your themed party, the suite features simulated lighting and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment. The decor is of traditional style and there are customised menus catered from the award-winning restaurant.


Van Dyke Suite Rubens at The palace 
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Manor of Groves


Manor of Groves 2.jpg


Set in a tranquil location in High Wych, Hertfordshire, the Manor of Groves is a building of historical significance. The initial model of the house was built in 1823 over an existing older building and served as a private residence for 150 years until it was converted into a hotel in 1988. The hotel is also an inspired material for many mysteries and spooky stories. There are stories of people who have seen ghosts in the older part of the hotel, and guests are woken during the night by strange sounds of horse hooves running on a cobbled stone street. But all in all, this Georgian manor house is a lovely venue and a popular destination for weddings and themed events. The hotel features a State of the art 3000 sq ft Health, Beauty and Fitness Centre, with a 20-metre pool, spa, gym, studio, Thalgo treatment suite and onsite free-parking. There is an 18 hole golf course with sand-bedded greens which stretches around the Hotel to provide a remarkable golf experience.


Manor of Groves


If you plan a themed-event in a room full of character, history, and beauty, then the Colonnade Suite is the perfect room for you. The elegant Georgian room overlooks a manicured garden featuring a picturesque gazebo and provides the magical feelings of a fantasy land. Suitable for up to 150 guests for a reception event, the Colonnade Suite has its own exclusive bar, original neoclassical tiled flooring and glass façade that opens out onto the gardens.

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The Savoy


Savoy London


If the walls could talk, they would speak of the blistering, wonderful history of the Savoy. As one of London's most prestigious venues, the birth of the Savoy dated back to August 6th 1889, when Richard D'Oyly Carte built the hotel on the land adjacent to his Savoy Theatre. Since the beginning, the hotel has been a favourite destination for tourists, including numerous celebrities, from King Edward VII to Enrico Caruso, from Harry Truman to Audrey Hepburn, from Charlie Chaplin to Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, Louis Armstrong, the list's going on and on. It also provides the backdrop for Bob Dylan's video clip "Subterranean Homesick Blues" in 1965, and the later home of the Irish actor Richard Harris.

For the fan of paranormal activities, you will find no shortage of spooky urban legends here in the Savoy. The next door Savoy Theatre is one of the most haunted places in London, with countless stories about ghosts and freaking incidents happening to both guests and staff members. And the Savoy also has its fair share of ghost stories with the most famous story being the mysterious lift on the fifth floor, which is controlled by the ghost of a young girl who died in that same building. The girl herself is also said to haunt the hallway next to room 502.


Savoy London Lancaster Room


If you are not a fan of these ghostly bedtime stories, don't take our words to it and miss the chance to visit one of the most iconic and magical hotels in London. If you are planning an event in The Savoy, you will be amazed by the professional attitude and top-notch service of the experts who have been organising countless of elegant soirées, political lunches, divine dinner dances, impromptu performances and discret liaisons. Consider to host your themed event at the Lancaster Room - the largest banqueting room at the Savoy. It has a complete clear floor space with no obscuring pillars which is perfect for a glamorous ballroom dancing. It also has its own stage to accommodate your music band. Stage equipment can be arranged.

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Loch Ness Country House Hotel


Loch Ness Counrty House Hotel UK


Loch Ness Country House Hotel is one of our favourite picks for a perfect getaway haven. Located in a tranquil piece of land in Inverness and surrounded by six acres of beautiful gardens, the hotel offers the stunning views of the picturesque Highland countryside. The hotel itself is a beauty, with the grand Georgian exterior complimented by an elegant modern interior, furnished to the highest standard. It also gains the reputation as one of the most prominent event and wedding venues, serving high-quality dining experience. The Marquee room - which opens to the gardens - is a popular choice among event planners. With the maximum capacity of 200 guests, it is perfect for a themed event or wedding.


Loch Ness.jpg


Visiting Loch Ness Country House Hotel and you can take the benefits of great outdoor activities. Take a morning stroll through the beautiful gardens, or enjoy a chilled wine on the terrace on a fine day. If you are in for a bit of an adventure, take a hike to the River Ness just one mile away from the hotel. The majestic river is home to one of the most mysterious creatures in history, the Loch Ness Monster. There are countless footages of people who claimed to capture the sight of the monster, but the myth remains as no one can find concrete evidence of its existence. With luck, you may see Nessie swimming through the water in a glittering sunny day. Otherwise, the trip is still well worth beholding the magnificent scenery down the river.

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