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Event Signage: An Effective and Cheap Way to Improve Attendee Experience

Engagement in an event between the attendees and the brands is one of the main topics in the modern era and is similarly significant in the event management and planning ventures. If a meeting can't create engagement with its attendees, it will affect the participants' capacity to hold information received.

It is imperative to place significant focus on these engagements—all the more explicitly, participant commitment to the event. In case your crowd isn't engaged, odds are they will leave unsatisfied and neutral, and likely won't ever need to return for any future occasion.

Along these lines, guaranteeing your meeting is engaging for your crowd is vital, so making the event worth their experience any place conceivable is germane. By presenting inventive and unique thoughts, you will stay away from any opportunity of them leaving unmoved and not having any desire to return for future occasions.

So how do you improve attendee engagement at events?

To the subject of the day – Occasion signage; they may appear as though the most non-essential of all occasion details. Be that as it may, miss this form of engagement, and your whole participant experience is in danger. With no clear and compact signage coordinating your participants and helping them locate what they're searching for, any occasion will rapidly drop into disorder.

On account of their exceptionally visually appealing look, signage gives many chances to promotion to your brand, and when proper, your patrons. Each signage is a connection between your brand and your participants, and each opportunity they come into contact with your sign, and it is an opportunity to dazzle.

So how might you wow your visitors with occasion signage that is too clear, yet additionally noteworthy?

At an exhibition, for instance, excellent corner signage doesn't need to be extravagant, yet it must be enlightening. Possibilities ought to have the option to take a gander at your stall and know precisely what you do without inquiring. Use the signage to qualify participants, too – guaranteeing that it is those that are invested that will approach your brand.

The sign ought to show your organization name. However, it ought to likewise give individuals a feeling of what you do. Albeit numerous individuals think titles attract participants, it could wind up pulling in an inappropriate group and burning through your time.

Here are ten accepted procedures to assist you with keeping your occasion visitors engaged, eager, and connected with your occasion activities and individuals using signage.

Media Walls

The most well-known signage is the media walls at events, from public interviews to honorary events like Grammy. They are utilized as a setting for participants to take photos, and as a medium to promote the sponsors of the event. The wall is in different sizes and styles and can extend from 3.2m large to being utilized to move around an entire arena.

Aside from the media wall sizes, the most critical contrast between every media wall is the means by which to set every one of them up. There’s a type of popup media wall which has a popup structure and it doesn’t take more than a minute to set up.

You may, in like manner, think about utilizing spray paint - this is an exceptional and possibly extraordinary approach to show your brand information. It would be best if you considered working with a neighborhood artist to help you work on that. With the correct fine art, participants will discover a spot to take loads of pictures to share via web-based networking media. All things considered, be sure it incorporates your occasion's title, your social media hashtag, SnapChat QR code, social media handles, and so forth.

Stair wraps

A memo or picture that can be seen from the base of stairs or a lift – this is a genuinely unusual approach to brand any excellent, concealed spot at your occasion and direct participants to where they have to go. This is an enjoyably unique approach to advertise a brand or convey a message. Who might figure they would, in any case, read something while at the same time going up the lift or the stairs, isn't that so? It can likewise be a medium for your occasion to be recalled later on – besides branding, stair wraps can also have directional use.

Barriers Cover

The boundaries used to make an entry cascade that channels participants easily into your registration point is a conspicuous spot to place directional informing, just as support and branding info.

For more significant occasions though like marathon and Olympic, audience control blockades are employed to control traffic to a specific area, for example, the passage or ticketing stall. These blockades come with no brand in most cases, without any spreads or signage – this shows a chance to include covers and design the embargo with the event logo – this will likewise increase the polished skill of an event.

Floor Decals

Another territory of unexploited spot? The floor – and due to our involvement with the signage business, floor decals are the less utilized signage. Make sure you include signage down there to assist with the occasion engagement, or include signage decals with more or less attractive energy. It can likewise be utilized as another sponsorship or brand recognition medium.

Where to include floor decals:

Setting down maneuvering signage to manage occasion participants to a particular area or to facilitate any traffic blockage that may occur during the occasion – make the event atmosphere enjoyable by displaying the event topics onto the floor.

The upside of floor decals is they can be utilized on various surfaces going from rugs for indoor occasions and gatherings, roads for sport and public events, to wood planks and tiles in a mall.

Natural landscape

On the off chance that your event venue is outdoors, make use of the scene to match your signage. For example, settle a sign beside the plants, or make use of trees to lessen ugly shafts. To decide the best arrangement for your occasion signage, you have to recreate a walkthrough of the participant experience from beginning to end.

Judging from the participants’ perspective will give you a great impression of where they may look in case they need data or what may assist them with having a progressively positive inclination while strolling around. For instance, after registration and receiving their tickets, what and how would they like to see the signage? Imagine a scenario where they would want to go to your workshops in your more significant gathering. Where would they be able to get their complimentary gifts and information pamphlets? The correct signage will guarantee that traffic streams quickly and continuously.

Digital signage

Digital signage has been developing in prominence, and at this point, everybody has known about it. The retail part is the quickest developing sector for digital signage since it enables retailers to switch designs rapidly, contingent upon what they need to market.

Due to its success, the interest in digital signage has additionally been developing in the event business for quite some time. Be that as it may, the most significant barrier for this kind of signage is the expense it accrues. Notwithstanding the cost of the signage itself, there are likewise installation expenses, programming costs, support expenses, and power costs.


The bigger the occasion, the more significant instruction signs are. You wouldn’t want your visitors to meander around your event lost and not enjoying your event. These instructional signs don't really need to mean guiding bolts toward a zone. It could likewise mean marking zones or areas in your event, for example, the product store, bistro, stage, attendant work area, and so on.

All the more along these lines, signs are the perfect way to guide the progression of traffic to different zones and help to explore the space for new participants. Also, you can include a touch of imagination — such as hand-painted calligraphy — to make them unique.


Conventional, however, a flexible and cost-effective neighborly alternative. Appropriate for indoor and outdoor use, these kinds of signage can be reused at future occasions. You can use it as a branding sign or an easily spotted registration zone. Crowd control banners (CCBs) or crowd control blockade covers, for instance, are regular in sporting and honorary occasions like Grammy.

Mesh banner, which is an example of CCB, is the most favored material since it has small gaps that enable breeze to course through the banner. In case an unbending board was utilized and a solid whirlwind blew through the occasion, it could make the blockade fall.


Billboards are regular all through any occasion. They are flexible and can be clung to roofs or mounted on a divider. Another advantage of billboards is that they can be designed in any form you need. The best part is that with the innovation we have now, most of the signage providers out there would have the option to satisfy your needs.

There are numerous billboard tools out there, for example, corflute, froth sheets, wood, PVC, and so forth. Your signage provider will have the option to encourage you on the most reflective material for your needs.

Gobo projections

A gobo is a flexible stencil you can put inside or before a light source that alters the state of the transmitted light. It's anything but challenging to contribute impact and can prove to be useful in case you're in a setting with limitations on decorations. On the other hand, projection signage is an excellent rendition of gobos, however, it is best utilized against enormous, plain dividers or surfaces (such as the floor or tables).

Increasing the participant experience is vital to a fruitful occasion. Without an incredible participant experience, they won't return, and if there are no participants, there will not be any sponsors. Utilizing event signage is truly an outstanding and most financially savvy approach to improve engagement with the event.



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