Dry Hire Meeting Rooms - Tips to Host Meetings on a Shoestring Budget

When reserving a setting for your special event, the term 'Dry Hire' implies that the customer pays for the utilization of the scene space alone, for the most part, with nourishment and refreshment, furniture, decorations, staffing, broad media gear, and theming being sorted out remotely by the customer instead of the event venue.

This implies that you, as the event planner, have to go through the stress of locating, pricing, and securing an entire scope of vendors – from food providers and decorators to various media gear and furniture hiring organizations.

These scenes, however, empower you with a venue to alter the space to your exact need. Regardless of whether you'd prefer to flaunt your aesthetic pizazz or are just hoping to minimize expenses, dry hire settings enable you to pick your very own vendors and whatever else.


It is an excellent alternative for event coordinators who need a breath-taking area while managing each part of their occasion, from the business offices to the banqueting choices, to props and gear. The vast majority of these scenes are modern, chic scenes, going from substantial historical rooms to cutting edge music studios.

Events coordinators on spending will realize that dry hires are generally lower evaluated than settings that give a full scope of highlights, enabling you to utilize your very own providers or hand-pick your group and gear.

These venues are additionally ideal for wedding organizers hoping to make a close to home and paramount event, where you have picked everything about that day at a set cost.

Focal points and Drawbacks of Using Dry Hire Venue

If you are looking to shape different components of your occasion autonomously at the scene, then dry hire is certainly a choice worth trying. Here are the focal points and detriments you should know about.

Huge Amount of Choices

Probably the most considerable advantage of these venues is the colossal measure of choices that it provides people. On the off chance that you are just booking the space, there's the chance to furnish it any way you wish and serve whatever nourishment and beverages you desire without being under obligation to an affirmed rundown of vendors that you would usually get at a wet setting.

This allows coordinators to make a classic occasion and present innovative and particular components that may somehow or another have not been conceivable if they had decided to utilize a wet venue instead.

This spot offers more noteworthy control yet requests greater responsibility

With these scenes likewise, you can get a more significant level of control, providing event organizers with an excellent alternative for exceptionally customized occasions, for example, weddings and brand promotions.

Downplaying Expenses

The thought is that, if you are only paying to utilize the setting, you get the opportunity to assume responsibility for the providers you draw in and in this manner, diminish your overheads. For instance, on the off chance that you have figured out how to verify a supporter for your occasion, they could give a portion of the hardware that may have been incorporated with a wet hire setting.

It likewise offers a more prominent selection of vendors

An enormous number of these venues originate from a longing by event organizers to utilize their food providers, for example, those that have cooked for family weddings or corporate occasions over various years, or to provide them with certain kinds of food that most venue catering service cannot offer, however with dry hire, these can be an extraordinary arrangement.

There are, in any case, benefits in utilizing a scene's caterers who know about the venue design architecture, can comprehend any restrictions that the venue has set aside, and have taken care of any issues that may have emerged before.

These venues can cost less

One reward of a dry hire setting is that the expenses are regularly decreased because you have the option of paying for the scene without staff, and providing food lessens the overheads. Event organizers know this is a great option and always consider this choice if their group can cover certain obligations themselves, or when the occasion doesn't require a lot of cooking, or when they have a decent food provider deal somewhere else.

The Drawbacks of a Dry Hire Venue

It can be stressful at times

While some event coordinators blossom with the chance to source their very own providers, others consider this to be one more errand to add to their regularly developing rundown of activities. Setting up connections, meeting numerous providers, monitoring courses of events, and managing expenses can be an additional cerebral pain that first-time and less experienced organizers could avoid.

Things may not generally go as arranged if the merchant knows nothing about with the scene

You can have confidence that the chosen venue is depending on a gathering of providers who are accustomed to cooperating and working together and have incredible information on the space at a wet hire venue.

They will have taken care of any issues that may have emerged before and will, along these lines, guarantee that everything goes smoothly, this might not be the situation when vendors are new to a scene.

If that be the case, significant issues regarding coordination and your spending limit can emerge on the off chance that it turns out a dry hire scene has limitations set up that could ruin the occasion.

Some organizers say it’s costly, and perhaps a less expensive choice is better

Moreover, a dry scene isn't generally the less expensive alternative. A few settings with their own verified caterer could charge more when using a dry hire since they would cover the lost income that would have some way or another have been picked up from catering spend.

Expert Tips: Getting the Correct Dry Hire Scene

If you want to know if the dry scene is relevant for your event or brand, you may need to follow the following tips:

  1. Have an Unmistakable Vision for your Occasion

Before anything else, you ought to have a perfect vision for your occasion and comprehension of the different components, with the goal that you can set up to understand whether the setting will suit your event or brand. If the environment has limitations that may affect your occasion, you have to understand this before you make all necessary endorsements, as changing scenes after that point can be pricey.


  1. Find out precisely what is included and excluded.

A few settings will have a complete document with dry hire FAQs and gear records, so request that first. This will give you an idea of what to expect from the venue.

The essential things to check for include:

  • Precisely what halls and amenities are included?
  • Which furniture and equipment is included – In most cases tables and chair may not be part of the package in a dry hire venue so make it a priority to ask if the chairs and table, for example, are included. If that isn’t the case, you may have to rent chairs and tables from an external vendor or the venue if it’s available.
  • Will the venue be supplying materials like cutlery, administrative staff, and kitchen porters?
  • If they are providing service staff, who are those that will be included? Besides, aside caterers consider event managers, cloakroom assistants, security, concierges, cleaners etc.)
  • Will the venue be opening their kitchen space, and what kitchen equipment will be available?
  • How far ahead of time will you be able to access the scene to decorate it?
  1. Ask for everything, understand every detail while discussing the venue

Become acquainted with the setting by requesting a tour through space. As you stroll around, you'll recognize any potential issues while talking about your arrangements for every region. This is an ideal approach to discover right away if your vision is realistic or in the event that you have to reconsider your underlying thoughts.


  1. Introduce Everyone

Most vendors and caterer will have worked at a colossal number of scenes and will have the option to resolve the subtleties rapidly. In the event that conceivable, take an agent from every one of your vendors to know the layout of the scene, as they will have the option to pose inquiries explicit to their needs and will usually talk about problems that had not in any case been considered, or underestimated.

Discover some of the Top and Unique Dry Hire Venues in the UK

Foxlea Manor – Buckinghamshire

Foxlea Manor – Buckinghamshire

Foxlea is a mid-twentieth century Lutyens-style Home set in six acres of land in Burnham Beeches, a 500 section of natural land parkland.

The scene has a fantastic passage through enormous dark entryways, the front entryway opening into a colossal Passageway/Feasting Corridor with vaulted roof, marble floor and floor to roof windows.

The room has the ability to accommodate and host gatherings of 40/50 people. The swinging doors open straight out to the gardens with beautiful views on moving fields where marquees can host up to 300 individuals.

Shoreditch Platform – London

Shoreditch Platform – London

It is an astonishing setting situated in the core of Shoreditch. With more than 1200 Square feet and separated into two levels, the scene pride themselves on being an elective alternative for customers needing to rebrand their business.

The utterly prepared bar, kitchenette, sound framework, lightning, and furniture is ideal for workshops, shows, private and corporate occasions, festivities, birthday parties, and other meetings.

What's more, the main room known as the Soft Lounge can host more than 200 people while the Glass Room, situated on the ground floor, can accommodate about 80 people, standing. You can lease one of the two stories, or even both depending on how you want it. Dry hire Shoreditch Platform

Plymouth Pavilions - Devon


This venue is the biggest entertainment and meeting center in the South West region and has gained notoriety for facilitating meetings, shows, games and dinners, combined with being in an available city area in the core of Plymouth.

Flaunting a limit from 500 to 2500 representatives for a gathering with 1800m2 of space and complete banqueting service for more than 600 dinners. Likewise added in venue hiring package are 5 x en-suite changing areas, 3 x behind the stage rooms, Field Bar, in addition to an assortment of other small vital spaces. Dry Hire Plymouth Pavilions venue in Devon here

Winter Gardens Blackpool - Lancashire

Dry hire meeting venue Lancashire

They are located in the core of Blackpool, the UK's quickest developing business destination and most loved ocean side hotel. Not exclusively will you profit by these modern offices and facilities as well as a magnificent scene, but your attendees will likewise be able to access the excellent nightlife and phenomenal convenience choices on offer.

This scene gives organizers 4.9 acres of land of associated space that can host somewhere in the range of 100 to about 7,000 attendees. With ten major areas, each with their very own one of a kind style and highlights, including the brand new cutting edge meeting and conference center that is presently under development. Regardless of whether you utilize one of their scenes or join them to make a lot bigger zone, you'll find all that you need and then some more. Dry hire meeting venue from Blackpool.


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