10 Large Conference Venues in London

In case you're organizing a huge conference, London is incredible for global connections, memorable events, a fantastic culture and, obviously, a wide range of flexible huge meeting scenes for lease or hire.

We understand that planning a meeting is no child's play, and hitting the nail on the head requires a lot of planning, information gathering, and partnership. We are here to assist you with that!

With more tech-focused organizations than at any time in recent memory, the large city of London has seen a flood in supporting venues and centers. In spite of the fact that it must be said that London is home to a great deal of these scenes, the remainder of the UK additionally gives some fascinating options in contrast to the capital.

From multiple points of view, these spaces furnish new businesses and corporate pioneers with the assets and directional bits of knowledge expected to unlock colossal development.

From business social events to meetings, these exceptional venues, much of the time host the region's most brilliant and most imaginative companies and new businesses – take a look at the best ten modern conference scenes in London.

1.      Lords Cricket Ground (London, England)

Lords Cricket Ground

Completely overflowing with custom and class, Lords Cricket Ground is one of the most remarkable sporting venues on the planet. From the glory of the Long Room in the Grand II listed Pavilion to the innovation and elegance of the J.P. Morgan Center; They have the scene for any event you're hoping to have.

It was named after the principal proprietor of this club, Thomas Lord. It was at this venue that the 'Ashes' began after Britain's 1882 defeat. The place marked its 200th commemoration at its present site in 2014 and is, obviously, accessible to hire. Even better, you can tour the venue as it added to the hiring document.

More so, it is popularly known by cricket lovers as the Home of Cricket, according to most people; it additionally has the oldest sporting exhibition hall on the planet. The venue likewise has various fascinating events and conference areas, which include the Media Center, the Long Room, and the Rooftop Porch. They also have a rundown of multiple packages, demonstrating precisely what they can do depending on the sort of event you are organizing.


2.      Tower of London

Tower of London

Regardless of the history of the Tower of London's dreary notoriety as a spot for torment and demise, inside these fences, you will likewise find the historical story of a royal castle, ordnance, and a fantastic stronghold.

At 930 years of age, this previous royal residence (and jail) is a magnificent scene to add a great touch to your occasion. You will not only be able to procure the tower itself (and get a private tour through the Royal gems), yet the moat is likewise accessible for hire. It received UNESCO certification in 1988 and is a complete case of a Norman Royal residence anyplace.

Planning a meeting or conference here will provide your guest speakers and attendees alike the opportunity to explore its scenes such as the royal beast and likewise find out about the wild and wondrous creatures that have occupied the Tower in the past, which makes it the first London Zoo.

After the conference, they will also have the opportunity to learn about the extremely valuable Royal gems, join a notable Beefeater on the visit and enjoy their bloody stories, stand where the heads have rolled, and become familiar with the legend of the Pinnacle's ravens, storm the dungeons, and get to hold the swords and armour.


3.      Altitude London - Altitude 360

Conference Venue Altitude London

Altitude London (Now known as Atmosphere 28) gives a fantastic view of London and is loaded up with natural daylight.

Its venue is a range of jazzy, contemporary scene event spaces situated in the notorious grade II listed Millbank Tower. Located in the core of London itself, these astounding spaces gloat dazzling views on the city and beyond.

Urban and receptive, these scenes highlight fantastic recreation centers and uncovered brickwork. It also features a broad scope of occasions, from workshops, private gatherings, and cocktails events, to networking and experiential occasions.

The most extreme limit here is 600, so they make this rundown. This structure was initially constructed for Vickers- the producers of the renowned automatic rifle) and was the tallest building in England from it's opening in 1963 until 1967. But was later re-established to commemorate the London 2012 Olympic Games, this venue oozes the embodiment of English culture and architecture. The staggering views can help make yours an occasion to recall.


4.      Battersea Evolution


Battersea Evolution is a fantastic London scene to enlist for enormous scale gatherings. It's a bright canvas space you can get imaginative with and their occasion staff is close by to help. This scene has done each style of a gathering you can consider, so you'll certainly be in safe hands.

It is London's most flexible and dynamic setting. Set in the core of Battersea Park, the exceptionally well-known occasion’s space offers limit with regards to up to 5,000 people standing, 4,000 in gathering, or 2,000 people for diners. It has likewise hosted a variety of grant services, brand meetings, conferences, galas, dinners, presentations and philanthropy nights and so on – and can be hired for as little as £30,000 per day.

The hire contract also has an all-out footprint of 5,500m² - which offers you the chance to assume control over the space and model it explicitly to your needs. So whether you need a massive scene for your conference or you’re putting on a gathering for industry specialists, this scene will intrigue your attendees.


5.      The SSE Arena, Wembley


The SSE Arena in Wembley is situated beside the Wembley Arena; the SSE is a small setting in the Wembley Stadium provided for shows, sports, and family amusement or even networking events.

It has a capacity of 12,500, so if you have a large crowd coming for your event, this venue is one of the best in London to host them. A wholly enclosed environment for events of significant scales, the SSE Wembley is an astonishing scene for enormous scale occasions.

Also, adding to its attributes is the vast number of accommodations and restaurants around the areas. So you can be sure your attendees find somewhere to refill after a long networking meeting.


6.      The Science and Natural History Museum, London


The Science and Natural History Museum alongside numerous different historical centers in London and the remainder of the UK, likewise open their spaces to events and conference coordinators for corporate meetings and dinners. The two exhibition halls offer various impressive areas with a wide assortment of sizes to take care of a wide range of events.

 These museums have been running events for both private and corporate clients, organizations, and even charities for more than 25 years. With over 140 events facilitated at these Historical centers every year, they definitely have the experience and mastery to make the ideal event whatever the celebration.

7.      Alexandra Palace


This venue is a famous Victorian-styled north London setting, which provides flexible, interlinking spaces with everything being equal.

Reasonable for hosting gatherings for 100 people and up to dinners of 5,000 people and above, it is the perfect setting to have a variety of open and private occasions. Palm Court is the primary passageway to the lobbies and gives a dazzling invite space to any event.

As of December 2018, the Victorian Theatre was also reopened after more than 80 years, and this space hosted a scope of occasions, from theather concerts and showed to feasts and grants functions in an exceptional and memorable setting.

More so, with 196 sections of land of parkland, Ally Pally has its very own ice arena, putt course and pitch as well as a boating lake, making it the ideal area for a unique corporate get-together, summer gatherings, and bar-b-ques - all with a unique all-encompassing setting of the capital.

There are additionally superb transportation links and a lot of places to eat closeby. Book the venue from here.

8.      The Brewery

Conference venue The Brewery London

The venue is reliably perceived as one of London's driving occasions and gathering scenes. Hailed for its administration, organization, as well as nourishment and refreshment contributions, it has hosted unparalleled inclusion and backing of events for more than five years.

The scene displays refined design with current, forefront innovation, making a fantastic event space located at the city's energetic urban center. It can likewise host up to 1,000 meeting participants crosswise over six differing and multi-purpose areas such as The Porter Tun, The Sugar Rooms and Queen Charlotte.

The Porter Tun, however, is one of the most prominent and most seasoned unhampered spaces in The Brewery and also London. An open King Post timber rooftop giving a reasonable range of 60ft over a 778 square meter old-fashioned wooden floor makes it an ideal area for meetings, charity events, fashion shows, and conference.

The enormous raised overhang of the hall is perfect for a banquet room or presentation stage. It is furnished with the best sound system, internet, and completely integrated Drove lighting system. This room also is entirely air-conditioned and has natural daylight while its Malt Room can be reserved as a green room.

You will likewise be able to use the public address system, Wi-Fi, projector, and so on. The food and Drink additionally is a custom-made menu and gourmet cooking alternatives are accessible.


9.      Haberdashers’ Hall


Haberdashers' Hall mixes contemporary building design with conventional materials to make a 21st-century gathering setting of the best quality.

This unique setting flaunts seven distinctive event Spaces, including the open Orangery and Courtyard, ideal for summer gatherings and cocktail receptions.

Haberdashers' is one of the most modern meeting scenes inside the core of the City, enabling you to make the best out of your event. It is hired exclusively for that novel experience, creating an ideal stage for a definitive occasion.


10. Congress Centre


Congress Center is one of the first conference and meeting area in London. Its commitment to client support and fulfillment has established the setting as an outstanding choice among some of the leading organizations and businesses in the country.

The setting offers a full scope of special occasion and meeting space, innovation-driven conference rooms, and remarkable food and drinks service.

It can host up to 400 gathering participants crosswise over six different occasion spaces, including the Congress main hall, Foyer Event Space, as well as the Marble Hall.

Concerning sound and visual, they can give you access to the surrounding sound system with roof voice improvement speakers, lighting hardware, and in-house authorities and experts.

With food and drink arrangements, the scene food provider is always accessible to help with breakfast, lunch, and supper cooking choices that you will find pleasing.



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